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PETC System

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PETC System

In compliance with Republic Act 8749, known as the Clear Air Act of 1999, and to clean up the motor vehicle emission testing industry, the DOTC Secretary Leandro R. Mendoza issued Department Order Numbers 2005-34 and 2005-37, prescribing the rules and regulations concerning the issuance of DOTC/LTO authorization and monitoring of Private Emission Testing Centers (PETCs) and PETC IT Providers.

Pursuant to these Department Orders, Vox Dei Protocol Systems Inc. is one of the authorized PETC IT Providers since 2015.  We have developed a Windows-based client application that allows our PETCs to upload motor vehicle emission results to the LTO IT System with real-time validation and processing of uploaded transactions in the LTO-IT System.

The following are some of its features:

  1. Secured and interfaced with the LTO IT System
  2. Online, real-time validation of emission test results
  3. Online, real-time processing and uploading of transaction records
  4. Comprehensive reports
  5. All functionalities are in compliance with DOTR and LTO guidelines

Client Profile

To date, we have sixteen (16) Authorized Private Emission Testing Centers by Department of Transportation (DOTr)/ Land Transportation Office (LTO) which are actively transacting and uploading emission results and Certificate of Emission Compliance (CEC) to LTO.  These PETCs acquired the services of Vox Dei Protocol Systems Inc (VDPSI) as their accredited DOTR/ LTO IT Provider to upload emission results.